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About Us (關於我們)

Founded three decades ago, the Chinese Community Center (CCC) Chinese School offers standard based Chinese Language and Culture learning programs. Now, several hundred youth and adult students are enrolled in the language, cultural, and extracurricular classes. Offering Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced curriculum to Adult students, the School also provides a Cross-Cultural Chinese Language Program to corporations at client facilities or at the Center. Program content can be customized to meet the client corporation’s business requirements. Short term tutoring service is available as well. 1.5 In the last thirty years, more than 1,000 Chinese School students who enrolled 10 or more years in the language program have become bilingual. Their earned language competencies substantially place them at the competitive edge in the global market. In addition to classroom learning, K-AP students are given the opportunity to participate in organizational skill and leadership training activities, such as Chinese Youth Society (CYS), Junior Achievement (JA), and various academic and special events.




2017 Spring Chinese Class Schedule  (2017年春季中文學校課程安排) [PDF]

Note: Fee includes Tuition, Registration, material fee and service deposit if applicable
備註: 根據課程不同,總費包含了可能的學費, 註冊費,材料費和押金


Youth Chinese Class  青少年中文課 (1/7/17- 5 /13/17)

Class_ID Class_Name 课程 Schedule(时间) Fee(费)
17127BB Pre-K Chinese (Non-heritage) 學前 Sat.12:30–2:20pm $210
17127CC Pre-K Chinese 學前 Sat.2:30–4:20pm $210
17128AA Level 0 Pinyin 拼音班 Sat.9:30–11:20am $210
17128BB Level 0 Pinyin 拼音班 Sat.12:30–2:20pm $210
17129CC Level 1 Simplified Pinyin 簡拼一下 Sat. 9:30–11:20am $210
17129BB Level 1 Simplified Pinyin 簡拼一下 Sat. 12:30–2:20pm $210
17129KB Level 2 Simplified Pinyin 簡拼二下 Sat. 12:30–2:20pm $210
17130AT Level 3 Simplified Pinyin 簡拼三下 Sat. 9:30–11:20am $210
17130AW Level 4 Simplified Pinyin 簡拼四下 Sat. 2:30–4:20pm $210
17130CC Level 5 Simplified Pinyin 簡拼五下 Sat. 12:30–2:20pm $210
17132CC Level 7 Simplified Pinyin 簡拼七下 Sat. 2:30–4:20pm $210
17129KC Level 2 Traditional Pinyin 繁拚二下 Sat.2:30–4:20pm $210
17130AR Level 3 Traditional Pinyin 繁拚三下 Sat.12:30–2:20pm $210
17130BB Level 5 Traditional Pinyin 繁拚五下 Sat.9:30–11:20am $210
17132BB Level 7 Traditional Pinyin 繁拚七下 Sat.12:30–2:20pm $210
17132EE Level 8 Traditional Pinyin 繁拚八下 Sat.2:30–4:20pm $210
17104AA Level 4 Phonetics 華語四下 Sat.9:30–11:20am $210
17105AA Level 5 Phonetics 華語五下 Sat.2:30–4:20pm $210
17108DF Level 8 Phonetics 華語八下 Sat.2:30–4:20pm $210
171AP AP AP 中文 Sat. 12:30 –2:20pm $210


Youth Culture/ Leisure Program 文化/才藝課程(1/21/17-4/22/17 (12 weeks))

Class_ID Class_Name 课程 Schedule(时间) Fee (费)
171YoYo-Beg Yo-Yo Beginner 扯鈴入門班 Sat.10:30-11:20am $100
171YoYo-Adv Yo-Yo Advanced 扯鈴進階班 Sat. 11:30-12:20pm $100
171Kung Foo Kong-Fu 功夫 Sat. 4:30pm-5:20pm $100


Youth/Adult Piano Class 鋼琴課程(1/7/17- 5 /06/17)

Class_ID Class_Name 课程 Schedule(时间) Fee(费)
171 Piano-PHA Piano Lesson-PHA (one-on-one; 25 minutes) 鋼琴課-PHA Sat. 9:30-6:20pm $415 (Chinese school Student $320)
171 Piano-PMB Piano Lesson-PHB (one-on-one; 25 minutes) 鋼琴課-PMB Sat. 9:30-6:20pm $415 (Chinese school Student $320)


Adult Leisure Learning 才藝課程(1/7/17- 5 /13/17)

Class_ID Class_Name 课程 Schedule(时间) Fee(费)
171Zumba Dance& Fitness 有氧舞蹈 Sat.4:00-5:00pm $65


Adult Chinese Class  成人中文課(1/7/17- 5 /13/17)

Class_ID Class_Name 课程 Schedule(时间) Fee(费)
17140Beg1 Adult Beginner I 成人初級中文 I Sat. 9:30-11:20am $280
17141Basic1 Adult Basic 1 成人基礎中文 1 Sat. 9:30 –11:20am $280
17142Basic 2 Adult Basic 2 成人基礎中文 2 Sat. 12:30-2:20pm $280
17143 Inter&Adv. Adult Int-Adv 成人中高級中文 Sat. 9:30 –11:20am $280



Adult Current Student register (成人中文舊生註冊)

Adult new Student register (成人中文新生註冊)

Youth Current student register(青少年中文舊生註冊)

Youth new student register (青少年中文新生註冊)


中華文化服務中心 中文學校 2017年春季班招生簡章

Chinese Community Center / Chinese School, Spring 2017

9800 Town Park Dr., Houston, TX 77036 Phone: (713) 271-6100 ext: 163



註冊日期: 2016年12月10日開始。
註冊手續: 1.請使用 www.ccchouston.org/chineseschool 詳填註冊表格,以網路報名繳付學雜費。
  2.學前班學生須年滿四歲半, 中文漢語拼音班學生需至少五歲半。
學期起迄日: 2017年1月7日至2017年5月13日。
 假 期  2017年農暦春節1月28日,春假假期3月11日
學雜費用: 1.兒童青少年中文課: $165 , 成人中文:$265, 才藝課一學期12週.
  3.每位學生每學年秋季始業,教材費 $20.
退費規定: 1.凡已註冊而在開學之前申請退費者,一律扣除手續費 $15元,每上課一週加扣上課費用。
Registration Date : Beginning at 12/10, 2016
Registration Procedure : 1. Please use CCC Web: www.ccchouston.org/chineseschool to complete the application form. Then Pay Tuition online. Chinese School will help you to review the application form.
  2. Pre-school students must be at least 4 1/2 years old. For Pinyin class, students must be at least 5 1/2 years old.
  3. Excluding piano class, all other classes require at least 6 students.
  4. Students need to pass a placement test to skip a grade level.
Spring Semester : 1/7/2017 to 5/13/2017
     Holiday : Chinese Lunar New Year 1/28/2017 and Spring Break 3/11/2017.
Tuition : 1. Pinyin-12 Chinese Class $165.00; Adult Chinese Classes $265.00, Culture Class 12 Weeks.
  2. $15 Registration fee for each student. Service Deposit fee $10.00
  3. Starting from Fall semester, textbook or material fee (all year) is $20.00.
Refund Policy: 1. The $15 administrative fee plus deduction for each class attended is not refundable.
  2. No refund after 1/21/ 2017.
  3. Students are required to fill out “Class drop or Change application ” form to change or withdraw class.


Please download “Release of Liability Waiver Form” and fill it and bring back to us
請下載“責任免責表”, 填好後帶來學校。