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CCC Table Tennis Club
2017 Lunar New Year 168 Tournament
Saturday, February 11, 2017

(This is not a USATT Sanctioned Event)

Sponsor: Pacific Gear Inc.

Tournament Staff: Vincent Tam, Fred Peng, Ho Cheng, Perry Tsao, Jeff Chen, Addy Wang

Referee: Randy Hou

Tournament Director: Frank Cheng 281-919-9576 fcpingpong@yahoo.com

Rules and Equipment: All CCC Gymnasium and USATT rules will govern play. 3-star, 40+ mm balls will be used on tournament quality tables.

Events and Entry fee:

Open Round Robin followed by Single Elimination (limited to the first 48 paid entries) – All players will be assigned into one of 4 divisions (A thru D).

Entry fee is $35 for nonmembers and $20 for members, lunch included.


Age 14 & Under Round Robin followed by Single Elimination (limited to the first 12 paid entries)

Entry fee is $20 for nonmembers and $10 for members, lunch included. To qualify, players must be born on or after January 1, 2002. All players will be assigned to Division E.


Entry with check must be received by February 4, 2017. 

All matches throughout the event will be best 3-of-5 games, except Division A semifinal and final matches which will be best 4-of-7 games. All events are subject to change when needed.

Schedule and Entry Form: 2017 CCC New Year Table Tennis Tournament Entry Form

For Photos of our previous tournaments:  CLICK HERE

Date (日期): February 11, 2017 Saturday,  2017 年 2月11 日 (星期六)

Results (比賽結果):

  1st place 2nd place 3rd – 4th place 5th-8th place
Division A Jian Li (李建)  Kewei Li (李科威) Jiaqi Zheng (鄭佳琪),  Jim Butler

Hijing Wang (王慧靜), Sara Hazinski (付舒), Yu Li Chang (張育理),

Michael Tran

Division B Don Hoang Jonathan Ramos Daniel Tran, Kin Wong (黃建潮)

Duoguang Li (李多光), Khoa Le, Wen-Lun Ting (丁偉倫),  Jason Lai

Division C

Yuen Yee Nip (聶遠義)

Wei Zong (宗巍) Chee Ming Lee (李子明), Victoria Pham

Chong Pang,  Tam Dang, Ruay-Wen Kan, Luke Shu (舒路可)

Division D Quang Nguyen Dilip Desai Haeja(Sandy) Ryu, Ching Wang (汪慶賢)

  Chris Yi, Luey Chang (張俊),  Vinh Phung, Simon Shen

Division E Linda Shu  (舒莎) Tam Pham Aditya Oak, Ryan Tan (譚瑞安)


  • Division A 1st Place Jian Li
  • Division A 2nd Place Kewei Li, Jianqi Zheng, Mr. Fu
  • Division A 3rd Place Jiaqi Zheng
  • Division A 4th Place Jim Butler
  • Division B 1st Place Don Hoang
  • CCC 2017 Ping Pong Tournament
  • Coach Huijing Wang
  • Mr. & Mrs. Fu with Volunteers
  • Mr. & Mrs. Fu
  • UH Table Tennis Team