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Join us on an Asian Heritage Tour and discover the best that Southwest Houston has to offer! Whether you’re a tourist or a life-long Houstonian, these tour offerings will provide an exciting glimpse into Asian culture while showing you hot spots in our city’s Chinatown, International, and Mahatma Gandhi District.


Upcoming Dates: To be announced
Learn about traditional and contemporary Asian culture through hands-on cultural workshop demonstrations. Enjoy a day full of Asian culture by participating in hands-on workshops such as Chinese calligraphy, papercutting, origami, and tai chi.

Lunch is also included! Feast on a tasty lunch in Chinatown and learn more about Asian Cuisine. Guests will also learn about the history the Chinatown and of fun hotspots to visit over and over again!

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Upcoming Dates: 1/27/2018, 3/3/2018

Join us for a 4.5 hour bus tour across Southwest Houston and learn about the exciting history of Southwest Houston! This tour takes you around the Chinatown and International Districts to explore and experience popular dining and shopping hotspots in the area, such as the Shaolin Temple Cultural Center, Mulan Asian Market, Hong Kong City Mall, and Ten Yen Tea & Herbs, and Chung Mei Temple. Click here for a full list of tour stops that have been featured on our tours.

Lunch is also included! Feast on a hearty lunch at one of Chinatown’s many eateries. Highlighted restaurants include Ocean Palace Restaurant and Banana Leaf Malaysian Restaurant.

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Upcoming Dates: To be announced

Join us for this unique visit to Houston’s Mahatma Gandhi District. Venture through Houston’s Little India to learn about traditional Indian bridal apparel and jewelry, followed by a dance demonstration by Anjali School of Dance.

Lunch is also included! Feast on a hearty lunch at one of Mahatma Gandhi Districts many eateries.

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Location and Workshops

Bus Tour Locations

Ten Yen Tea Herbs Ten Yen Tea & Herbs

Learn about Eastern tea culture, enjoy a tea ceremony demonstration, and savor freshly brewed tea with traditional desserts

Chung Mei Temple Chung Mei Temple

Visit the Main Shrine, library, and museum, and take a peaceful walk through their sculpture gargen. End the visit with a tranquil and peaceful tasting at the temple’s newly renovated tea room.

Jade Buddha Temple Jade Buddha Temple

Enjoy traditional Chinese architecture at the Jade Buddha Temple. Built in 1989, this 2.5-acre temple includes a Grand Hall, Meditation Hall, Youth Activity Center, a library, dining hall, and living quarters.

Teo-Chew Temple Teo-Chew Temple

Walk through the Main Hall of this Buddhist temple and learn of the multiple deities who are prominent in Asian culture.

Banana Leaf Malaysian Restaurant Banana Leaf Malaysian Restaurant

Dine with us at this local favorite Malaysian restaurant. Visitors will be able to taste a wide-variety of dishes featuring South and East Asian flavors.

Ocean Palace Restaurant Ocean Palace Restaurant

Get your first taste of traditional Dim Sum at this popular Hong Kong style restaurant.

Hong Kong City Mall Hong Kong City Mall

Tour through over 100 retail stores in this historic shopping mall and learn how it became an iconic staple in Houston’s Asian community over the years.

Harwin Central Mart Harwin Central Mart

Put your bargain shopping to the test while visiting this two-story indoor bazaar, filled with dozens of eclectic fashion and jewelry shops.

Mulan Asian Market Mulan Asian Market

This Asian wholesale store is filled with gifts that reflect mainstream Asian culture. Get the coop on the Maneki-neko, Chinese Seals, and the Happy Buddha, among other popular items

Shaolin Temple Cultural Center Shaolin Temple Cultural Center

Watch Master Shi and his students demonstrate kungfu techniques showcasing 18 different weapons.

Dance of Asian America Dance of Asian America

Learn about the traditional Chinese dance through a unique demonstration by Dance of Asian America.

H-Mart Korean Supermarket H-Mart Korean Supermarket

Explore one of the largest Asian grovery stores and get to know all kinds of unique fruits, vegetables, and specialty items you won’t find anywhere else!


Tai Chi Tai Chi

Discover the physical and mental health benefits of this ancient form of Chinese martials arts. Experience the essence of Tai Chi by learning the eight forms for beginners.

Origami Origami

Expose yourself to the Japanese art of paperfolding. Learn how to fold basic and intricate designs of animals, plants, and other items of nature.

Chinese Calligraphy Chinese Calligraphy

Create your own masterpiece by using a traditional Chinese ink brush. Get an introduction into Chinese calligraphy and the historical development of some famous Chinese characters.

Tea Ceremony Tea Ceremony

Watch a trained tea master bew tea using traditional chinese teaware.

Papercutting Papercutting

Learn about the art form that turns regular paper into beautiful and intricate art designs.


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  • All tours begin at 10 a.m. at the Chinese Community Center, 9800 Town Park Drive, Houston, TX 77036
  • Tour locations and workshops may change due to availability.
  • To ensure a rich visitor experience, specific Asian Heritage Tours may be canceled if the tour date is experiencing low sales. If a tour is cancelled, all tour guests will be contacted and will be provided an opportunity to transfer their tickets or receive a full refund.

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