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Youth Program

Youth Year-Round Leadership and Enrichment

Youth share a commitment to their communities by engaging in ongoing service projects and taking part in the annual National Youth Service Day. Family Involvement Workshops and the Annual Summer Community Fair provide parents with access to resources and knowledge to better understand their children’s needs as well as our regular teacher-family progress conferences often help ease the transition to a new culture.

The Chinese Community Center provides an exceptional youth program at a fraction of the cost because of generous funding from United Way, federal and local government agencies, and the contributions of corporations, local businesses, and individuals.

The Youth program is also made possible in part by CASE for Kids City Connections. City Connections is funded in part by the City of Houston, CASE for Kids, and Harris County Department of Education.

Program Goals:

  • Assist new immigrant youths in their transition into the community through tutoring, enrichment, and social activities.
  • Provide students from low and moderate income families with quality after school education and mentoring guidance that improves academic performance.
  • Provide youth with an educational and fun summer.
  • Cultivate character and positive self-image through culture, leadership, and civic education.

For more information, contact:  Lisa Tolisato@ccchouston.org | 713-271-6100 Ext. 110
                                                     Kristina Bakerkristinabaker@ccchouston.org | 713-271-6100 Ext. 113

Providing quality after school, summer camp, community services, and leadership activities.