A multi-ethnic organization serving all Houstonians

Staff & Leadership


Chi-mei Lin Chief Executive Officer
Kimberly Tang Chief Operating Officer
Darryl de Mello Fund Development Director

 Early Education

Stephanie Yau Early Learning Center Director
Valencia Baldez Assistant Director

Youth Program

Lisa To Youth Program Manager

Language Program

Fang-ling Tzeng (荘芳齡) Language School Principal

Social Services

Esther Liew Workforce Manager
Katherine Tong Housing Program Manager
Raymond Nguyen Financial Education Coordinator
Aly Arnold  Citizenship Manager
Maggie Sun Social Benefits Manager

Senior Services

Jane Vo Senior Services Director
Dan Nguyen Program Manager
peter chang

Kenneth Li



Kenneth Li, Chair

Charlene Chuang, Vice Chair

Ting-Ling Sha, PhD, Secretary

Victoria Chin, Treasurer

Audrey Mae-Hua Chang

Cecil Fong

Richard Lee

Michael Pearson

Linda Wu

chi-mei lin

Chi-mei Lin, M.A., C.V.E.


Chief Executive Officer

Ming Burdett

Peter Chang, MD, Ph.D.

Shelley Ding

Judy Jeng, CARE President

Jean Lin

Linda Reyes, CCC PTO President

Ruei-Fong Tuo

Latha Viswanathan

Allen Wong

Mark Chang

Joseph Chen

Victoria Chen

Frank Chou, Ph.D.

Michael Chung

Beng Ho, Ph.D.

Karen Hsieh

Elsie Huang Hall

Frank Lin

Annie Mak

James Tang, M.D.

Hau-Ran Wang

Yali Zou, Ph.D.

Thomas Au

Leeshan Birney

The Honorable Theresa Chang

Jarvis T. Cheung, Sc.D

Shern-min Chow

Harry Gee

Glen Gondo

Jean Liao

Louis Lien

Mary Lynn Kallina-Matthews

Joseph Ngo

The Honorable Steve Radack

Y. Ping Sun

Joseph Tung

Wei Li Wang

The Honorable Gene Wu