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Youth Chinese Program

Youth Chinese Program (介紹)


2018 Spring Chinese Class | January 6 – May 12, 2018 

Read this first! 2018 Spring Registration Policy

2018 Spring Chinese Class Schedule

For questions, or to register please contact: chineseschool@ccchouston.org | t: 713.271.6100 x163

Class (課程)

2018 Spring Youth Chinese Class Schedule  (2018年春季青少年課程安排)[PDF]

Note: Fee includes Tuition, Registration, material fee and service deposit if applicable
備註: 根據課程不同,總費包含了可能的學費, 註冊費,材料費和押金


Youth Chinese Class  青少年中文課 (1/6/18- 5/12/18)

Class_ID Class_Name 课程 Schedule(时间) Fee(费)
18127BB Pre-K Chinese 學前 Sat.12:30–2:20pm $190
18127CC Pre-K Chinese 學前 Sat.2:30–4:20pm $190
18128AA Level 0 Pinyin 拼音班 Sat.9:30–11:20am $190
18128BB Level 0 Pinyin 拼音班 Sat.12:30–2:20pm $190
18128JJ Level 1 Transitional / Simplified Pinyin 繁/簡拼一 Sat. 9:30–11:20am $190
18128KK Level 1 Transitional / Simplified Pinyin 繁/簡拼一 Sat. 12:30–2:20pm $190
18129CC Level 2 Simplified Pinyin 簡拼二 Sat. 9:30–11:20am $190
18129KB Level 3 Simplified Pinyin 簡拼三 Sat. 12:30–2:20pm $190
18130AW Level 5 Simplified Pinyin 簡拼五 Sat. 2:30–4:20pm $190
18129KC Level 3 Traditional Pinyin 繁拚三 Sat. 2:30–4:20pm $190
18130BB Level 6 Traditional Pinyin 繁拚六 Sat.9:30–11:20am $190
18105AA Level 5 Phonetics 華語五 Sat.9:30–11:20pm $190
18106AA Level 6 Phonetics 華語六 Sat.2:30–4:20pm $190
181Pre-AP Pre-AP Pre-AP 中文 Sat. 2:30 –4:20pm $190
181AP AP AP 中文 Sat. 12:30 –2:20pm $190


Youth Culture/ Leisure Program 文化/才藝課程(1/20/18-4/21/18 (12 weeks))

Class_ID Class_Name 课程 Schedule(时间) Fee (费)
181YoYo-Beg Yo-Yo Beginner 扯鈴入門班 Sat.10:30-11:20am $100
181YoYo-Adv Yo-Yo Advanced 扯鈴進階班 Sat. 11:30-12:20pm $100
181Calligraphy Calligraphy 書法班 Sat. 11:30-12:20pm $115


Youth Piano Class 鋼琴課程(1/6/18 – 5/5/18)

Class_ID Class_Name 课程 Schedule(时间) Fee(费)
181 Piano-T Piano Lesson-T (one-on-one; 25 minutes) 鋼琴課-T Sat. 9:30-6:20pm $495 (Chinese School Student $400)
181 Piano-2T Piano Lesson-2T (one-on-one; 50 minutes) 鋼琴課-2T Sat. 9:30-6:20pm $975 (Chinese School Student $800)
181 Piano-L Piano Lesson-L (one-on-one; 25 minutes) 鋼琴課-L Sat. 9:30-6:20pm $495 (Chinese School Student $400)


Youth Student Register (青少年學生註冊)

Online Registration for Fall 2017 is available!

If you are registering for a new student, please follow the step 1 to step 4 to finish your registration.
如果你要註冊的是一名新學生,請按照步驟 1- 步驟 4 註冊步驟進行註冊

If you are a current student, please go to step 3 directly to register your class.
如果你是我們目前在冊的學生,請直接跳到步驟 3 進行課程註冊.

If you register for more than one student, you just need to enter Guardian Information once.

If you register for more than one student, you can register them all at step 2 and 3, then pay all at step 4(Please match class with student name).
如果你為多位學生註冊, 你可以在步驟 2 和 3 完成所有學生的信息提交和課程註冊, 然後轉到步驟4為所有已經註冊的課程付費 (請對應不同學生的姓名)。

步驟1:監護人信息(Step 1: Guardian Information)

After you have submitted, please go to step 2 to submit student information.


步驟2:學生信息(Step 2: Youth Student Information)

If you register more student, please continue submit

如果需要註冊其他學生, 請繼續提交信息

After you have submitted, please go to step 3 to choose class.


步驟3:選擇課程(Step 3: Choose Class)

Yo-Yo Beginner(扯鈴入門班)-Sat.10:30-11:20amYo-Yo Advanced(扯鈴進階班)-Sat.11:30-12:20pmCalligraphy(書法班)-Sat.11:30-12:20pmPiano Lesson-T(鋼琴課-T)-Sat.9:30-6:20pmPiano Lesson-2T(鋼琴課-2T)-Sat.9:30-6:20pmPiano Lesson-L(鋼琴課-L)-Sat.9:30-6:20pm

If you register more student, please continue submit

如果需要註冊其他學生, 請繼續提交信息

After you have submitted, please go to step 4 to pay online.


步驟4:線上付款 (Step 4: Pay online)

Please confirm student name and add the class you picked into shopping cart and to pay online via PayPal or Credit Card

請確認你的姓名,並把要註冊的課程加入購物車, 然後使用PayPal 或 信用卡付款


1. If you have Paypal account, please click “Paypal Check out”

如果你有 Paypal 賬戶, 請點擊 “Paypal Check out”

2. If you do not have Paypal account, please click “Check out” (Pay without Paypal account) to pay.

如果你沒有 Paypal 賬戶, 請點擊 “Check out”  (Pay without  Paypal account)”  使用信用卡付款.

3. If you are registering more than one class, please use add to cart” one by one, click “Continue shopping” on Paypal Page to return this page. You can click “View Cart” anytime to review your shopping cart and pay.

如果你註冊了多門課程,請逐一加入購物車, 在 Paypal 頁面上點擊 “Continue Shopping” 返回當前頁面添加更過課程。 可隨時點擊 “View Cart” 查看你的購物車,並付款。

If you are a new student, please add $20 textbook or materials fee to your cart and pay together with your class (如果你是一名新生, 請把課本和材料費加入購物車,並和課程費一起支付)


ID Item (課本) Tuition(费) Add to Cart (購買)
0 New student textbook or material fee (新生課本和材料費) $20

Student Name (First Last)


ID Class (课程) Fee (费) Add to Cart (注册)
1 Pre-K Chinese (學前)-Sat.12:30–2:20pm $190

Student Name (First Last)
2 Pre-K Chinese(學前)-Sat.2:30–4:20pm $190

Student Name (First Last)
3 Level 0 Pinyin(拼音班)-Sat.9:30–11:20am $190

Student Name (First Last)
4 Level 0 Pinyin(拼音班)-Sat.12:30–2:20pm $190

Student Name (First Last)
5 Level 1 Transitional/Simplified Pinyin(繁/簡拼一)-Sat. 9:30–11:20am $190

Student Name (First Last)
6 Level 1 Transitional/Simplified Pinyin(繁/簡拼一)-Sat. 12:30–2:20pm $190

Student Name (First Last)
7 Level 2 Simplified Pinyin(簡拼二)-Sat. 9:30–11:20am $190

Student Name (First Last)
8 Level 3 Simplified Pinyin(簡拼三)-Sat. 12:30–2:20pm $190

Student Name (First Last)
9 Level 5 Simplified Pinyin(簡拼五)-Sat. 2:30–4:20pm $190

Student Name (First Last)
10 Level 3 Traditional Pinyin(繁拚三)-Sat.2:30–4:20pm $190

Student Name (First Last)
11 Level 6 Traditional Pinyin(繁拚六)-Sat.9:30–11:20am $190

Student Name (First Last)
12 Level 5 Phonetics(華語五)-Sat.9:30–11:20pm $190

Student Name (First Last)
13 Level 6 Phonetics(華語六)-Sat.2:30–4:20pm $190

Student Name (First Last)
14 Pre-AP (Pre-AP 中文)-Sat.2:30–4:20pm $190

Student Name (First Last)
15 AP (AP 中文)-Sat.12:30–2:20pm $190

Student Name (First Last)
16 Yo-Yo Beginner(扯鈴入門班)-Sat.10:30-11:20am $100

Student Name (First Last)
17 Yo-Yo Advanced(扯鈴進階班)-Sat.11:30-12:20pm $100

Student Name (First Last)
18 Calligraphy(書法班)-Sat.11:30-12:20pm $115

Student Name (First Last)
19 Piano Lesson-T(鋼琴課-T)-Sat.9:30-6:20pm $495

Student Name (First Lastt)
20 Piano Lesson-2T(鋼琴課-2T)-Sat.9:30-6:20pm $975

Student Name (First Lastt)
21 Piano Lesson-L (鋼琴課-L)-Sat.9:30-6:20pm $495

Student Name (First Last)
22 Piano Lesson-T (鋼琴課-T)-Sat.9:30-6:20pm (For Chinese school student) $400

Student Name (First Last)
23 Piano Lesson-2T (鋼琴課-2T)-Sat.9:30-6:20pm (For Chinese school student) $800

Student Name (First Last)
24 Piano Lesson-L(鋼琴課-L)-Sat.9:30-6:20pm (For Chinese school student) $400

Student Name (First Last)


To pay in person by credit, cash or check, please come to the Chinese Community Center to do so.

CCC Hours: Monday to Friday, 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM

CCC Address: 9800 Town Park Houston, Texas 77036

如果您想以信用卡, 現金, 或支票親自付款, 請來本校.

本校開關時間: 週一至週五, 上午九點至下午五點


9800 Town Park Houston, Texas 77036

If you experience any issues, please email chineseschool@ccchouston.org and we will update ASAP.

Thank you for your patience as we work to improve our registration process to better serve you.