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Financial Opportunity Center (FOC)

Alief Financial Opportunity Center (1 of 5 Houston FOC centers) is career and personal financial service center that focus on the financial bottom line for low-to-moderate income individuals.  This means changing people’s financial behavior in a way that encourages them to make a long-term commitment to increasing income, decreasing expenses, and acquiring assets.  Financial Opportunity Center provides families with services across three areas:

  • Employment Placement and Career Improvement
  • Financial Education and Coaching
  • Public Benefits Access

The Financial Opportunity Center model integrates these core services and provides them to clients in a bundled fashion.  Offering the services as a bundle is a holistic approach where the individual services reinforce each other and provide a multi-faceted approach to income and wealth building.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can you help me find a job?

As an FOC client, you will have opportunity to work with our employment coach who can help you craft a job search strategy, edit your resume, and improve your interviewing skills. We provide job referrals when we receive open positions from employers that match your qualifications and expectations. However, remember our primary goal at the FOC is to help you be as prepared as possible to find a job, not to find a job for you. We expect you to put in 100% effort in your job search.

How do I become an FOC Participant?

The first step towards becoming an FOC participant is to attend the Orientation Session.  We have Orientation on the second and fourth Monday and Tuesday of each month. Please remember both the Monday and Tuesday sessions are required for all participants.  For the first day of Orientation please bring your ID, proof of eligibility to work in the US (such as a social security card or proof of immigrant work authorization), and a pen.  To register for an upcoming FOC Orientation, please fill out the form here. All registered attendees will receive a reminder email the week before Orientation.

Do I have to pre-register for FOC Orientation?

No, walk-ins are welcome, but please arrive by 9:30am.  Those that pre-register will receive a reminder email.

Should I bring anything with me to Orientation?

For the first day of Orientation please bring your ID, proof of eligibility to work in the US (such as a social security card or proof of immigrant work authorization), and a pen.

I’m interested in a vocational training program, how can I sign-up?

The FOC program is the umbrella program over all of our job training classes, so we encourage job seekers who want to learn more about available training to attend an upcoming FOC Orientation Session. All our classes are either grant-funded. Having your name on an interest list means that you will receive an email from us when a class and information session becomes available; it does not guaranteed a spot in the class. For more information on our vocational training programs, click on the ”Job Training” tab.for more information.

How do I become part of THRIVE program?

United Way THRIVE is a city-wide network of social service providers that assist community members with employment and financial services. CCC is one of those providers and we assist community members through our Financial Opportunity Center, our Housing Program, as well our Financial Capability Program which provides one-on-one financial coaching to non-FOC participants. If you are interested in our THRIVE services and are not sure which of these programs is the best fit for you, please contact Esther Liew at esther@ccchouston.org or 713-271-6100 x 130 for more information.

FOC Services

Financial Opportunity Center offers public benefits screening and application assistance.

For more information: CLICK HERE

CCC’s FOC Video

LISC’s FOC Video

The Job Training/Job Placement and Employment Counseling Program helps to increase the job readiness/employ-ability of low-to-moderate income individuals.  Our clients will successfully navigate the current job market, gain and improve skills needed, and achieve financial stability through long-term sustainable employment.

Employment Counseling

An employment counselor will assist clients in a one-on-one setting to identify career goals and to create a plan to reach those goals, preparing a path towards financial sustainability.

  • Reviewing job application process
  • Resume and cover letter assistance
  • Networking strategy
  • Job referrals

In addition to one-on-one employment counseling session with our vocational coach, CCC offers job training programs for applicants who meet all eligibility criteria.  To learn more, click on the links below:

Medical Business Office Professional (MBOP) Training

IT/Computer Support Specialist (CSS) Training

Certified Nurse Assistant (CNA) Training

Child Development Associate (CDA) Training

The Financial Education and Coaching program is to increase the financial knowledge and skills of adults from low- to moderate-income households in order to help them successfully navigate the mainstream financial services sector, increase savings and assets, improve their credit rating, buy a home, and achieve financial stability.

Financial Counseling

A certified financial counselor will assist clients in a one-on-one setting to identify financial goals and to create a plan to reach those goals, overcoming financial obstacles and preparing a path towards financial sustainability for oneself and families.

  • One-on-one counseling for financial guidance and support
  • Money management for individual needs
  • How to establish and maintain credit
  • How to improve credit score
  • Budgeting and Saving
  • Investment and Retirement

Financial Education Workshops

Through group workshops led by the financial coach and by qualified representatives from partner organizations, clients develop literacy in the following areas:

  • Available banking services and how to build a positive relationship with a financial institution;
  • How credit works and how to determine when to apply for credit;
  • How to use a credit card and checking account responsibly;
  • The dangers of predatory lending;
  • How to manage money by preparing a personal spending plan and identifying ways to decrease spending and increase income;
  • Methods for budgeting and reaching savings goals; how to protect one’s finances and identity;
  • How to read a credit report and how to build and repair one’s credit rating; and
  • General information about installment loans, including car loans and home equity loans.

FOC Orientation will be held the 2nd Monday & Tuesday and the 4th Monday & Tuesday of each month at 9:30am to 1pm starting January 2017. Your participation for both orientation days is required. 

To sign up for orientation, fill out the form below and you will receive an email confirmation and reminder.